, 8690 Aero Drive, Suite 115-82, San Diego, CA 92123, E-Mail:
Old School and R&B Saturdays, 8:30 pm-1:30 am. The FOUR POINTS BY SHERATON, 8110 AERO DRIVE, SAN DIEGO, CA 92123.

SPECIAL GUEST D.J.'s - DOOR $15, For More Info 619.246.2993 Email:
Patrick Yandall, Chasing the Light Old School and R&B Saturdays proudly welcomes the "Love Not Blood Campaign" to the Sheraton Marina on Harbor Island in San Diego, CA this weekend. Family members are enjoying our town and healing together. Violence in America is a tragedy for many. We Pray for a better day.
Music Review on Patrick Yandall "Chasing the Light" click here
Welcome back Shauna Aguirre to Humphrey's Backstage.
This will be a lot of fun as she books the best bands in town.
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