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Patrick Yandall new Music Review by Gene Harris

I have known Patrick Yandall for more than 20 years, since I was producing the San Diego Jazz Spotlight on KiFM. So it was great to hear from him. He wanted me to check out his new release, "Chasing the Light". Patrick is a prolific recording artist, self contained, and gifted. He has released many CD's over the years. His style has progressed through time, developing into the mature and classic approach he displays on this project.

His ability to compose, perform, publish, release, and promote has empowered his career. "Chasing the Light" is an elegant project with a progressive jazzy structure in the tradition of the old San Diego Lites Out music scene of the 90's, yet it is up to date, in sync with this decade. The project features 12 fresh original tracks, all composed, performed, and produced by P Funk, as I call him sometime.

The songs have structure, texture, improvisation and a familiar feel that is comfortable, and relaxing. Guitar centric in style, I strongly recommend that you try the title track "Chasing the Light"and then give the entire project a listen. To learn more about this creative musician click through this review to visit the Patrick Yandall website, look forward to the podcast and on air features coming soon. Enjoy your life and God Bless you all.
Patrick Yandall Music Review Patrick Yandall on Guitar Patrick Yandall in Blue
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